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Jessica Lane

J Lane

Jessica came through for me at the right time! She was very instrumental in successfully coaching me through life's problems. She was able to relate to my experiences and challenges which meant a lot to me! She was empathetic and offered great support in helping me to conquer my struggles and fears.  She was very supportive in steering me on the right path to help me reset, focus and reach my goals. I recommend her to anyone!

T Graham

That small amount of time helped me so much. I cant even really put it into words. In this season of life, I just need places like this to go... Wanting to break down walls so I can share more and let others put into me (the right things). For so long I've been the encourager, motivator, the friend and never hesitated to be any of those but now its my time to heal, step up, rebuild, renew and encourage myself.  God has been amazing to me and I need to show him that all he has placed in me was not in vain.  My 2021 word is DETERMINED and with that being said, "I am determined to be all God will have me to be." I truly thank you Jessica!


Our group session with Jessica was so amazing. Her spirit is so genuine! She dropped so many gems and really gave some great tools to help us push past our limits! She is very encouraging and easy to relate to! I truly appreciate her taking the time to work with us! I am positive none of us walked away the same! Thank you Jessica!

Breanna Grant

Jessica worked through technical difficulties so smoothly that as an audience, we were just as engaged without a visual aid than we were when the visual aid was made available by the IT team. It goes to show that Jessica has a unique way of connecting with different personalities during her workshops! She centered her presentation around our agency's annual campaign so it really aligned with our team. Our takeaways will be incorporated in our monthly meetings to ensure we are acting in our purpose. I am highly appreciative for the opportunity to receive deposits on my self-care journey!


I truly appreciate you pouring life into the teen moms in our program! We absolutely love getting to work with you to enhance their lives! The work you do is powerful! Thank you!

Studying at Home

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